Saturday, September 4, 2010

How To Improve Performance In Gta IV

Grand Theft Auto IV for the PC is a terrible port from the console version. In this article you will learn some tips to help boost your game's performance.
Article by: Chaos1187  

1) Figure out what your system has exactly. With minimum required processing power at 1.83 duo core or the equivalent processors the game will run at about 20 FPS, highest at 28 FPS. With 2.5 duo core you will get about 30 FPS, and Quad Cores should get 40 FPS and above.

2) Determine and update drivers for your graphics card. Consider running a program called Driver Wweeper before installing new drivers to ensure that all previous versions have been removed. Links provided in resources below.
Note: Nvidia users should turn hyper threading OFF in the advanced NVidia control panel.

3) Defrag your hard drive, and use Microsoft's contig to defrag the GTA IV folder on your computer. Use resources below to find out how.

4) Rockstar has provided temporary fixes for the memory leak issues in GTA IV. To use them create a notepad document called commandline.txt in your GTA IV folder and include one of the following commands

-memrestrict 188743680 LOW TEXTURES (256M Video Cards)
-memrestrict 209715200
-memrestrict 230686720
-memrestrict 262144000 MED TEXTURES (512M Video Cards)
-memrestrict 293601280
-memrestrict 314572800
-memrestrict 629145600 HIGH TEXTURES (1Gig+ Video Cards)
-memrestrict 650117120
-memrestrict 681574400

Start with the lowest for your current texture settings and figure out what works best.

5) In addition to memory restrictions, if you are getting kicked frequently from online multiplayer games due to "computer running too slowly" you may want to turn your view distance and other settings down so that you can enable High Textures, these for some reason allow you to load things faster while driving around the city resulting in fewer disconnections. Additionally you will want to keep your computer as cool as possible because over heating often occurs which causes stuttering and results in being disconnected for "computer running too slowly."

6) Play around with the settings, but when running benchmarks take note of CPU usage because GTA IV is a highly CPU intensive game, do anything you can to reduce CPU usage if you wish to increase performance.

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GTA IV FPS Increase Tutorial

Hey everyone!
I was just busy surfing around the web when I noticed this really cool+working tweaks -to those who are having issues with their GTA IV especially with the framerates. Well, guess what? It seems like I'm one of you guys but apparently not anymore because I've fixed mine.

I'm damn happy right now and I hope you guys should feel the same way too. Trust me, this tweak really works. I even have proves of my GTA 4 running with the tweak WITHOUT ANY LAGS ANYMORE.

Follow this tutorial carefully and make sure to not make any mistakes(even the simplest one) and your GTA IV will be up running at a greater FPS rate.

Now, lets just move to the steps because the idea was not on me but it's the original writer's and I was just doing a summary hoping that you guys could work this out.

1) First things first, get rid of all your current commandlines containing -nomemrestrict, -norestrictions or anything similar.(If you dont have any commandlines or you dont know commandlines is, just ignore this step)

2) Next, just run the game.When you did, go to the options and set the resolution to 800x600 or 1024x768. What I did was 800x600 because according to the author it will give you the most performance. And use the rest of your memory budget for draw distance or any other. But, if you cannot do this step(no.2) do step 3. If you can, just skip it.

3)Make a new commandline.txt or append(in the properties window of your GTA IV launcher) and put:
-availablevidmem 2.0
2.0 is common, but you can use a bigger or smaller mutiplier. Basically its like this, let say I have a graphic card with 256mb vram. And I applied -availablevidmem 2.0. Then, in the game it will suppose that you have 512mb vram. Its a multiplier! So, set it to -availablevidmem 2.0 to exactly meet the requirements. Open GTAIV, set resolution in the ingame settings to 800x600, set rest of the options to whatever you want (be

4)Now listen carefully, we have set the resoution to 800x600 and the game only uses 650mb. What we have is a 1GB graphics card. So, it'll say 650mb/1024mb in the game. This is a problem now because if we force the resolutions to -width 1920    -height1080, the game will have a greater slowdown due to Rockstar Games using damn scaling reflection maps.etc with resolution.

5) What we need to do now is limit the memory for GTA IV to see what exactly fits the memory requirement. As simple as that.

6)So, we have 1024mb and we only use 650mb. Now lets do a simple calculation:
1024/650 = 0.635(its 0.634 but lets just give it a tiny bit extra)

7) Next, in the commandline.txt or shortcut appending, write:
 -height 1080  -width 1920  -availablevidmem 0.635
( Be highly sure that you do not put any unrestrictions like -nomemrestrict or  -norestrictions or else it will not work)

8) Next, run the game. Noticed that the settings is 800x600 but its surely not. N u your memory should be like 650/650 or 742/746. Now, in the options menu you cannot go back and the game is stuck. So, quit the game n run it back( use alt+tab or any other method).

9) When you run the game, noticed that the game run in better fps. Yes, you have successfully done it, if not go retry. N if you still having problems do fill up the comments below.

In a nutshell, the trick was to blur the game telling that you are only using smaller amount of memory though you are not.
  • Sorry for any spelling mistakes. Yeah, people make mistakes.
  • If you dont know how to create a commandline or a shortcut appending, do tell me in the comments below. I'll make one for you guys.
If you are having problems, PLEASE ask in the below section and I'll try my best to help you guys.

Do make changes now because if you do wish you were in my place right now, its really worth the try. Happy trying!

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